“Our struggling employee really enjoyed working with Gwynnae. He’s more focused and productive now!”

Coaching Services

A coach is your partner in helping you realize your goals. Coaching for business clients entails working one-on-one with your employees to help them realize their highest potential.

If you have an employee who is not performing to expectations, I can help!   Services include:

  • Observational assessment of employee and employee’s work processes
  • Hands-on coaching related to workflow and office space set up
  • Strategies for organization
  • Time management tips
  • Identifying barriers to success
  • Data management recommendations
  • Development of organizational systems
  • Training for maintenance of those systems

For personal coaching on organization issues in your home, please visit my Home Transitions website.

What is the difference between a consultant and a coach?

Here’s a helpful chart from the Support Center for Nonprofit Management that explains the differences:

Consultant Coach
Even when one person is the main client contact, the consultant usually works with more than one person, often in a team, group, board, or department Works on a one-to-one basis; may coach more than one person in an organization, individually
Structures projects for specific deliverable or result, which the consultant is primarily responsible for Supports the client to achieve her or his own result or outcome
Usually problem-focused, i.e., identifies and tries to correct problems or weaknesses Builds on the client's strengths
Regarded as the "expert" who will solve problems (the magic bullet) Enables the client to solve problems or change things for the better
Consultant brings technical expertise to advise on solutions Coach brings relationship expertise to support the client's solutions
If behavior change is needed, consultant generally does not get involved in it A focus on individual and interpersonal dynamics supports behavior change
Gathers data and reports on what needs to be done Facilitates growth
Time-limited; generally short-term and project-oriented results Occurs over a period of time that generally involves renewable contracts; focused on long-term results
Provides information Promotes self-discovery
Goals generally related to programs and funding Values-based goal setting
Requires limited commitment from client to implement Maximizes client's commitment to implement solutions

Reprinted with permission.


GB Consulting is a full-service firm that provides organizing and productivity solutions for home and office. I provide those solutions through hands-on organizing, consulting, and coaching, and speaking with audiences of all sizes.

Clients of GB Consulting benefit from my ability to streamline their lives — whether at home or in the workplace — to maximize assets and to save time and money.


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